Getting in some hardcore wheel time while stuck in line at the bank always sounds like a good idea, but it's unfortunately difficult given the lack of good racing games. Once you wear out the few worth playing, you're left repeating the same thing over and over. So it's with some interest that we approach the Kumho Tires DRIVE game for iPhone 3GS+, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Unfortunately, much of that interest is abated by the incredibly monotonous gameplay featured in the release video below. We'd have like to see a road course or something with a bit more action than a giant-winged hatchback running flat-out on a NASCAR-style oval.

We'll reserve final judgment until we've played the game a bit more, but if you want to check it out for yourself, it's free in the App Store. Follow the game's updates (it's currently in beta status) at Kumho's Facebook page.

[Kumho Tire via YouTube]