Automakers launching new smartphone apps seems to be all the rage these days, with virtually every major label including Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet and BMW all launching at least one piece of software designed for smartphones. Now it’s Audi with the latest and greatest offering, announcing at this week’s SEMA show in Las Vegas a new vehicle monitoring app designed for the Apple iPhone.

Audi’s new iPhone CarMonitor app allows users to monitor, analyze and store key performance characteristics for their vehicle, whether it be for pure performance, eco-friendly driving or simply providing a log of any particular trip.

The software works by connecting with the vehicle’s own OBD-II port to access real- time performance data, which the app then analyzes, also in real time. Some of the key data users can monitor include rpm, emissions levels and vehicle location. This latter feature will probably be the most useful for most users, helping them to find their vehicles in parking lots or unknown streets.

Audi has taken the application one step further with an internet website called My Audi Labs. Here, users can upload their data to the website and then share it with the VW Labs Community or simply have it analyzed.

Audi promises that the app will be available from the App Store very soon but note that you’ll need a proprietary OBD-II port cable to actually connect your iPhone with your car.

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