The 2010 Paris Auto Show is winding down, but there's still much to be seen, including Audi's punchiest version of the A1, the 1.4 TFSI.

Packing a supercharger, a turbocharger, and 185 wild horses, the A1 1.4 TFSI is just a quattro all-wheel-drive system short of earning an S1 badge. Despite the lack of the sporty name, the little hatch can get to 62 mph in 6.9 seconds, hit a top speed of 141 mph and pull in 39.8 mpg US. Oh, and we won't be getting it. Hmmph.

Being front-wheel drive, the car's 185 horsepower aren't put to the best use possible, though with the combination of super- and turbo-charged induction, the little car makes heaps of torque from just off idle--1,500 rpm to be precise. It should be a riot to drive.

It's not bad to look at, either, as these live photos from the floor of the 2010 Paris Auto Show demonstrate. Chain the green-eyed monster in the corner and hit the gallery above to see what you'll be missing.