If you think the Countryman was hit with a MINI ugly stick, you may not want to see what's under that cover. If you're a bit more open-minded, however, you may be getting a glimpse of the upcoming facelift for the MINI Cooper S and Clubman S.

Billed as a "design concept," the front-end bits visibile through the cover show a more Countryman-themed face, to better incorporate the MINI Cooper hatches and wagons with the new crossover. That's probably the limit of the design revision. Being the Paris show, however, we expect to be surprised.

Interior upgrades may be on tap for the redesign as well, as our spy photographers spotted covers over parts of the dash. Whether that means a new look or upgraded materials is unclear, however.

A preview event the week before the show will be held September 23 at the London Design Festival, with BMW Group design chief Adrian van Hooydonk on hand to explain the concept.

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