You've just put a new set of $38,000 tires on your Bugatti Veyron after getting the $21,000 service and replacing the $12,000 set of wheels. You've had her hand washed by a pro, but you want that little something special to finish the job and make the paint look as much like a black hole as your wallet does. Brough & Howarth have the answer: a $37,000 canister of car wax.

Called "Definitive Wax Marble," the white-and-grey marble cube runs a cool 24,000 British pounds, or about $37,000 USD. The company claims the wax to be the rarest and most expensive in the world. Definitive Wax Marble is sourced from Athens, Greece, made of refined fruit oils, local Greek beeswax, and imported canauba wax from northern Brazil.

Brough & Howarth think the investment in a car's finish is well worth the price of entry, however, particularly for the rare and vintage collector. Some of these vehicles are valued at over GBP1m and are pieces of art in their own right, so the correct car care methods are critical in maintaining their value," says Jason Brough, Brough and Howarth's master polisher. "You can put a GBP5,000 bespoke, tailor-made suit in the washing machine and it would clean it. But you wouldn't, would you?"

Definitive Wax Marble is so exclusive, it's not even for sale. It's only available as a wax treatment through Brough & Howarth. Just the one pot of the wax exists.

The latest Definitive Wax Marble wunderpot is due for its own special unveiling soon at a "prestigious" London spot. Those with the cars and the cash to make use of this service probably already have an invitation. As for myself, I just wonder what $37,000 car wax smells like.

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