Green, green, green. That's all we hear these days. How to get green, go green, not do things that aren't green. It's enough to make a person a bit green in the face. But Ferrari's shade of green at the upcoming 2010 Paris auto show may be the sort that indicates envy, as a report out today has the California grand tourer getting a special high-efficiency treatment.

Ferrari has previously taken steps to green its fleet, but unlike the HY-KERS mechanical hybrid solution shown on a 599 testbed at this year's Geneva Motor Show, the Paris concept California is expected to sport much more real-world and near-term improvements. The core is a stop-start system paired with improved direct injection tuning, lower internal friction through use of special materials, and cylinder deactivation for more efficient cruising.

Aerodynamic drag optimization, brake energy regeneration, weight reduction, and even lower-rolling-resistance tires could also play into Ferrari's more efficient total solution. The approach is not unlike BMW's EfficientDynamics regime: adding up many small gains to tally large bottom-line figures.

We'll have to wait for the 2010 Paris auto show to find out the official details, but that wait is growing short now: we have just 23 days to the first official press day.