Ford Racing and Roush have already revealed supercharger kits for the new 2011 5.0-liter Mustang V-8, and earlier this week we saw the Australians' take on the theme: the Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) supercharged Falcon. Now the talk is that the FPV Falcon's milder engines may be headed back to the U.S.

Rated at just 422 and 450 horsepower in GS and GT trims, the Falcon sedan is one mean four-door machine, but just slightly meaner than the standard U.S.-spec 412-horsepower non-supercharged Mustang GT.

The talk about these superchargers coming to the U.S. comes from FPV itself, according to a report from GoAuto. FPV would like to export the units, no doubt to help boost the bottom line of what is by definition a limited-volume special for the roughly 1 million-car Aussie market.

Because they're not much more powerful--though a bit torquier--than the naturally-aspirated mills we have already, we're not going to lose much sleep if the FPV export plan doesn't come to life, but more power, especially supercharged power, is always a welcome addition to our garage.

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