Always wished you could slip behind the wheel of a Ferrari Formula One car? Well, now you can--virtually, of course, courtesy of Ferrari's official Virtual Academy simulator.

Launched today, the simulator offers a run in the F10 simulator cockpit around Fiorano, Mugello and the Nurburgring. And for those with a competitive streak, Ferrari will be awarding the fastest driver each week with a range of Scuderia swag.

Far from a cheesy arcade sim, the Ferrari Virtual Academy was developed in concert with Scuderia Ferrari engineers and Laser Scan and Motion Capture technology to make the circuits and the racing as realistic as possible.

It's not free, however, starting at 14.90 euros for the F10 car and Fiorano circuit. Packages with other tracks will presumably cost extra.

Check it out for yourself in the video below, then hit the link to the official site.

[Ferrari Virtual Academy]