The 2010 Paris Motor Show is shaping up to be a very solid display of luxury and sporting hardware, and Jaguar isn't going to be left out of the fun. The latest reports hint at an all-new concept sports car, around the size of the XK, potentially packing an electric drive system.

It's not expected to be a preview of a production model per se, but rather a look at what's to come with the next phase of Jaguar development, particularly the XK. We've heard for years now that an F-Type could be on the way, and it may well give us an idea of what to expect from that car, too--possibly to be named the XE in production form.

Being a design concept, the car will focus largely on its exterior, with a first look at the new XF and XJ grille on a smaller sports car. The new grille replaces the iconic oval grille, but with Jaguar's recent success in design, we're not ready to lament the passing of the classic look just yet.

The hybrid drive powertrain is even more speculative at this point, but the rumors point to a V-6 engine paired with an eight-speed automatic and an electric motor that can drive the vehicle on its own or with the aid of the combustion engine.

We'll have the full details on the Jaguar sports car concept from the floor of the Paris show (if in fact it does materialize), so be sure to have the refresh button handy September 30-October 1 for the show's press days.

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