Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Did you ever play the game "Kidnapped" in elementary school? It wasn't really a "thing", per se. In fact, we might've been the only ones playing it, and it might've been just in our heads. Which would be par for the course.

Anyway, in the game, we pretended that we'd awoken in a strange bed in a strange house and didn't remember how we'd gotten there. (It was a lot like a game we played years later in college called "Hangover", which wasn't nearly as fun or headache-free.) The goal was to figure out not only where you were but also when you were by using only the clues around you. So seeing pine trees and hearing cicadas could've indicated that you were in the South in the heat of summer. Or the sound of church bells and the smell of sweet potato casserole could've tipped you off that it was Sunday and you were at Aunt Cora's house.

If we were playing that game today, we might not know where we are (our office has a pan-regional, CB2 vibe going on), but we would have a clue about when we are, because yesterday's news feeds overfloweth with word of Lindsay Lohan -- the same LoHo who recently squeaked out of a not-so-killer rehab/prison combo -- leaving Chateau Marmont in her Maserati GranTurismo and blowing through numerous intersections before being pulled over by L.A.'s finest and not given a ticket. Working backwards, that means it's probably Monday, which is news we could probably live without.

Behold, video of blondie, chatting with Officer Friendly.