Bawdy, brawny, occasionally bizarre, Brabus is one of the most famed Mercedes-Benz tuners on earth. The 2011 Brabus Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG lives up to the rep.

The parts kit reads like the production schedul for a midsize carbon fiber factory, and they're all available in either clear coated or body-color finish. Functional aerodynamic improvements from a new front spoiler and air inlets, new air outlets behind the front fenders, a rear spoiler and diffuser-element rear fascia add up to less lift at high speed for better handling.

A fully tuned engine is also part of the program, but Brabus hasn't released specs on that part of the SLS AMG's treatment yet. What we do know is that the exhaust is 26 pounds lighter than stock, and features a bypass gate for better flow--and sound.

Brabus has also developed a height-adjustable custom suspension that allows the car's new bodywork to clear low driveways and other obstacles while settling back down to attack the curves.

Inside, the Brabus SLS AMG gets a 250-mph speedometer, fully custom built-to-order interior design and materials, and Brabus logos all around.

Check out the gallery to see the final product.