Frank Ryan

Frank Ryan

We don't know for sure what caused Dr. Frank Ryan's 1995 Jeep Wrangler to hurtle off the Pacific Coast Highway and down a cliff on Monday afternoon. We do know, however, that he didn't survive the crash. We also know that he was tweeting moments earlier. That doesn't sound good.

Thankfully, Ryan's dog -- which obviously wasn't restrained in the back seat -- was thrown free during incident and survived. So at least there's that.

Ryan's death has put a wrench in Hollywood's plastic surgery works: he was the silicone sculptor behind such F-list faces as Melissa Rivers, Shauna Sand, and Janice Dickinson. Heck, even the meaniest, drunkiest PR agent of the Hamptons, Lizzie Grubman, tweeted her sorrow at the news of his passing. Clearly, the man had reach.

Most notably, Ryan was responsible for the ten surgeries that la mutante Heidi Montag -- 23 year old Heidi Montag -- received in one sitting. If there's an upside to this story at all, it's that he's been spared more of that unpleasantness in years to come.

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