After you drown in high-cholesterol classics from Bugatti, Packard, Allard and Shelby all day at The Quail 2010, it's easy to overlook some of the simply amazing cars in the parking lot of the Quail Lodge. The cars left idle on the Quail greens alone would put whole concours events in less moneyed zip codes to shame.

Then again, shame is freely available to anyone willing to pay. Case in point: this totally atrocious Ferrari limousine we spotted on our way out of the Quail motorsports gathering, on the golf-course greens that double as overflow parking during this heavily traveled, $400-a-pop event.

It's already a short trip to awful in the host organism of this limo--the epically disappointing 400i Automatic, which has the unique joy of being the only Ferrari to show up on anyone's crappy-car list, thanks to its fugly body and three-speed GM automatic. How it gets more heinous: a huge limo graft stitched in its midsection, with a pleather roof bandaged over the C-section scars, those big black rubbery bumpers, and white paint to show off every flaw.

We're choosing to believe there's a set of chipped Mikasa champage flutes somewhere in back, along with a bottle of Andre Cold Duck and pray to God, a slew of 17-year-old wondering why they haven't arrived at their prom yet. It's the only way we can imagine a happy ending here. Not without fire. Lots of fire.