Infiniti has been playing pin-the-letter-on-the-car since its inception, but we're at a loss for what the newly-trademarked JX series of names could be for. They may be for nothing at all, though going through the effort and legal hurdles to secure a trademark for the name at least indicates there's some intent to use the name.

Right now, Infiniti has the G, the M, the QX, the EX, and the FX, constituting two sedans, a coupe, a convertible, a monstrosity of an SUV, and a pair of crossovers.The new names include designations Infiniti typically uses for engine displacements: JX20, JX25, JX25h, JX30, and JX35. Those are rather small engines for Infiniti. And at least one looks like a hybrid.

The only things missing from the lineup are variants of existing cars, and, possibly, a four-door coupe. Which might make sense from a market perspective, but the "X" portion of the name pushes in the direction of a crossover.

If the naming convention means anything, the "J" ranking would put it somewhere above the EX and FX in ruggedness, but somewhere below the hulking QX. There's plenty of potential for platform usage from Nissan and Renault brands, but so far we haven't heard anything about such a vehicle. If the naming convention is functionally arbitrary, however, it could be almost anything from a luxurious take on the Juke to a performance crossover meant to take on the Germans even more directly.

What do you think it means? Think it's all fiction? Or maybe you think you have the inside line on the next new thing from Infiniti? Let us know in the comments below.

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