Cadillac's upcoming Alpha-platform mid-size/compact sedan will be named ATS, according to new reports breaking today. The new car has long been speculated to wear the ATS badge, but to date GM has kept mum on the topic.

We already know a fair bit about the upcoming ATS, which will share its Alpha platform with the next-gen Camaro. The ATS sedan will come in 2012, and could also spawn a wagon and a convertible version. Its size and styling will put it up against the Lexus IS and Infiniti G range, along with BMW's 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz's C-Class.

You may think the Cadillac CTS already fits that bill, but in reality, the C-Class is a 5-Series/E-Class-sized car, despite being competitive on price with the next set down. An upcoming DTS replacement in the form of the XTS, also due in 2012, will offer a larger car to compete with the 7-Series, S-Class and Lexus' LS line, putting the CTS into better perspective.

Beyond that, however, details on the Alpha range are scarce--powertrains options could include a choice of turbocharged four or six-cylinder engines, as well as any number of naturally-aspirated mills. The transmission will almost certainly be a six-speed auto, though a six-speed manual offering is also possible.

We'll keep you updated as more develops on the new ATS.

[Scott Burgess via Twitter]