News flash: Christina Aguilera has a need for speed. News flashier: unlike many of her pop tartelette colleagues, she wants the legal kind.

Behind the link, you'll see a very recent shot of Xtina browsing the merch at a Ferrari dealership in Calabasas, California. Presumably this is what celebrity families do on their days off: slap on some leggings, put their hair in scrunchies, and head out for Funyuns and $400,000 supercars. We could get into that ourselves, if only we had talent and money. Ke$ha gives us hope that we can overcome those minor details.

Although the Bratman-Aguileras didn't drive home with a new set of Italian wheels, anything from this showroom would be a step up from the Q5 we saw Xtina in last January, not to mention the Range Rover wrecked by her assistant in December. In fairness to said assistant, though that wreck probably wasn't as nearly bad as that other one -- you know, the one better known as Bionic?