Whether you grew up with Group B rally on the television set or you've just scoured YouTube and the rest of the Web for all the video you can find, chances are, if you know what Group B rally is, you're a rabid fan. Today, you have a chance to become part of its nutty lineage, with the purchase of this 1984 Peugeot 205 T16.

Just 200 205 T16s were built, the minimum necessary to satisfy FIA homologation requirements at the time. This particular example is the "version client," or a detuned, client version of the rally car. Imported from France as a "show and display" car, according to the owner, its 26-plus-year age exempts it from NHTSA standards, making it legal to drive the car on the street.

With just 6,100 miles on the clock and a 200-horsepower 1.8-liter turbo four mounted amidships, you can bet we'd drive this thing everywhere. Especially since the owner is throwing in $3,000 worth of spare parts, and surplus parts from the racing program itself are still available. To see what the little Pug could do in Group B trim, check out the video with Ari Vatanen at the wheel below.

The 205 T16 might be impractical, expensive--bids are at $32,100 and the reserve isn't met at publication--and even a bit ugly, but given the cash, we'd keep paying the minimums on our student loans and put the cash into this little rocketship. What about you?

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