Mysterious Ferrari prototype in Maranello

Mysterious Ferrari prototype in Maranello

It’s not unusual to see Ferrari prototypes rolling around the hills of Maranello as the Italian city is home to the supercar manufacturer’s factory, but every now and then something very unusual crops up and grabs our attention. In this case, a mysterious prototype was captured on film just a few days ago in Maranello, suggesting that a new Ferrari model is taking shape.

The prototype appears to be for a new front-engined GT, which suggests that it could be the replacement for either the 599 GTB Fiorano or 612 Scaglietti. Ferrari is currently in the process of renewing its entire lineup, with six new models set to be launched between now and 2013 including a new flagship supercar to replace the Enzo.

The prototype seen here is most likely for the 612 Scaglietti successor. Spy shots of a test mule have been spotted on several occasions in the recent past and given its expected release date of 2011, it’s not that surprising that the first actual prototypes would be already undergoing testing. The 599 replacement, meanwhile, isn’t due until 2012.

Other possibilities for the prototype include a new hardcore version of the California equipped with a fixed roof, or possibly the convertible version of the new 458 Italia. The only problem is that the engine sounds very different to the V-8 units in either of these cars. See if you can guess the car after watching the video below.

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