Race cars crash. It's part of what they do. There's just no way to put multiple cars on track, pushing to the limit, competing for the win, without eventually having a few accidents. Fortunately, in-car and on-track safety have advanced by leaps and bounds over the past two decades. Unfortunately, however, it's not yet perfectly safe. This video illustrates that point vividly.

What you'll see below is a video from this past weekend's SEAT Leon Cup, a support race to the World Touring Car Championship race at Brands Hatch. In it, Francisco Carvalho of Portugal loses control of his SEAT race car in a high-speed section, sliding across the track, bouncing off the wall and then cartwheeling down the grass before crossing the armco and continuing through the safety worker/crowd area.

Despite the hectic scene, no one, including the driver, was injured.

[YouTube via Autoblog, TopGear]