Endurance racing really does require endurance, both from the cars and their drivers. Night has fallen on Texas Motor Speedway, and we're only a little over one-third of the way through the race. The heat has died down, but now it's a fight to remain alert, fast, and consistent through the wee hours and into dawn.

At the eight hour mark, the order has shuffled a bit. The previously fast #01 General Yee Lexus SC400 started smoking at the start of NASCAR turn three, and after a hard run down the straight into NASCAR turns one and two, it was bellowing. Their day appears to be done. The Triumph TR-7 and Opel GT have joined them as well, the Triump due to major brake failure (piston welded to the disc) and the Opel due to a probable fuel leak, though other issues may have cropped up--it's on the trailer at any rate.

The top three spots are now filled by Hondas--the #45 Prancing Donkey Acura Integra LS at 287 laps complete, the #9 GasHOle Racing Honda CBR Accord at 274 laps, and the #18 White Lightning Honda Civic Sedan at 273 laps.

The remainder of the top ten near the eight-hour mark includes:

4. #98 Wezzr Racing--Ford ZX2 - 267 laps.
5. #99 BahnStormers--Volvo 740 - 266 laps.
6. #66 Animal Hospice--RX7 - 265
7. #59 Serious Business Racing--BMW 325e - 264
8. #33 F1 Rejects--Ford Thunderbird - 262 laps.
9. #83 FUBAR Racing--Ford ZX2 - 260 laps.
10. #69 General Yee JR/DisLexus Racing--Mazda Miata - 259 laps.

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