What snorts pavement for breakfast, breathes with red-hot 10-cylinder lungs and beats a Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR around Laguna Seca by two seconds? The Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X, of course. With lap times about half as long as the name, the Viper ACR-X is also destined for a very short production run, with the final 25 being built at Chrysler's Conner Avenue plant in Michigan as you read this.

Built specifically with road courses in mind, the ACR-X offers the best of the Viper ACR with some of the performance enhancements of the Viper Competition Coupe and some extra safety gear.

This latest video shows the processes that go into transforming the tamer yet still extreme Viper SRT10 ACR into ACR-X spec. One crucial detail pointed out in the clip is the addition of the extra canards on the front bumper, an important element in ensuring optimal downforce on the front axle for improved cornering ability at high speeds.

Oh, and there’s also an extra 40 horsepower on tap--never a bad thing. Enjoy the video below and then read up on all the specs of the ACR-X over at MotorAuthority.com.