Without the GM parts bin to draw on, Saab is looking for new partners to help it expand its model line quickly. Talks are currently underway with BMW to borrow the MINI platform for the planned 9-2 compact car.

A meeting between the two is planned for the end of the month, according to Reuters, but Spyker and BMW aren't talking specifics. BMW did acknowledge that tech-sharing talks are underway with several parties. Saab also said the company is looking for possible cooperation agreements, but wouldn't comment outright on the MINI-borrowing matter. On the flip side, Saab spokesman Eric Geers said there is no plan for a car below the 9-3 at present, and that focus is on the 9-4X and 9-5 for now. Spyker's Victor Muller, however, has said a new 9-2 is on the drawing board.

Securing the MINI platform for the 9-2 would be a huge step for Saab, as the proven quality, handling and utility of the platform could translate directly into the 9-2. Making solid cars from the outset is of supreme importance to the new Spyker-owned Saab, as a generation of flops or half-successes could mean doom for the brand--there are no multibillion pockets to empty to keep the brand afloat through a series of failures. It needs to be on-point with every car it makes for the foreseeable future, and a deal with BMW could help secure that success.

It's a waiting game for now to see what, if anything, comes of the potential Saab-BMW partnership.