2010 Volvo XC90

2010 Volvo XC90

You know what, Tobey Maguire? We respect you.

No, seriously: we do. For real.

For starters, you had the good sense and decency to bail on a franchise when you decided that you couldn't bring anything new to it. Or maybe it was because they couldn't bring more dough to you. Or perhaps because you foresaw more terrible sequels down the road. But whatever: you could've made bank playing Spiderman until you got your AARP card, and you chose to walk away. Bravo.

We don't really applaud the fact that you chose to walk away dressed/groomed like a bum in the picture at the link below -- one who's obviously been sneaking a few Twinkies, now that he doesn't have to fit into a spandex superhero costume anymore --  but still.

We do, however, dig your choice in rides. It's been a long time since we've seen any celeb riding in a Volvo, even a sporty model like the XC90. And not only are you tooling around in a family car, but you're actually doing it with your family. We're not sure that's actually allowed in Hollywood, but we'll give you a pass this time.