M Coupe RenderingTo compete with the Germans, Inifiniti is rumored to be developing two new variations of its M sedean.  Like it's smaller relative, the G sedan, the M may soon offer a 2-door coupe, and possibly even a convertible.

Nissan has seen success with the Inifiniti G and M sedans as alternatives to the BMWs they compete with.  The popular G37 coupe is proof that Inifiniti can produce an exciting 2-door luxury sports car.  Following the trend of European car companies to make larger coupes with more powerful engines could be a risky, but smart move by the Japanese company.

Renderings of the possible M coupe posted by Inside Line indicate styling elements pulled from the brand's recent Essence concept.  Cosmetic updates introduced to the current Infiniti models should be a good indication of what to expect from the coupe, in terms of body lines, lighting, and overall character.

I will say that I have a hard time picturing a drop top Inifiniti coupe.  If they can pull it off with style, and at a reasonable price, they'll have a good chance of instantly snatching up some of the sales in that segment.

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