Nissan's recent supercar hit, the GT-R has proven a sub-$100k car can compete with some of the world's best.  Others will certainly make necessary changes to keep up, so Nissan will have to work to maintain the GT-R's competitiveness.  Rumors suggest a healthy increase in power is part of the plan to do just that.

Specifically, the output of the 3.8-Liter V6 would jump to over 500hp and 450lb/ft of torque - not too shabby.  Still, the bar remains high for engine output in the supercar arena.  Porsche will certainly not give up easily, so the GT-R must continue to evolve to keep up.

Other updates may include aerodynamic adjustments and improvements to suspension and brake components.  The focus of the will be improved downforce and lower lap times.  Predictions indicate shorter Nurburgring lap times, compared to the current GT-R record.  What else really matters, right?

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