Rumors of a hybrid from Land Rover have now been officially confirmed.  A Range Rover Sport-based diesel-electric hybrid will move to the testing stage within the next year.  Land Rover is among the latest to adopt the growing industry trend towards gas-sipping hybrids.  Not known for class-leading fuel economy, the company is likely adjusting to increasingly strict emissions standards and regulations.  A diesel-electric hybrid would position the Range Rover to make substantial gains in CO2 emissions reduction.

The range_e, as it's being called, can be expected in showrooms in early 2013, with a production start date somewhere near the end of 2012.  Details of the hybrid drivetrain include a 3.0L diesel V6, 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, and a maximum all-electric range of 20 miles.  Performance targets include a CO2 emissions target below 100 g/km, and a top speed in the neighborhood of 120mph.  Details regarding the vehicle's batteries have yet to be released.

Rumors suggest that 2 additional variations of the range_e will arrive in the next 5 years.  Land Rover may already be developing a gasoline-powered version of the hybrid system.  It's also possible that we'll see a plug-in Range Rover by 2015.

[Left Lane News]