We've just returned from a three-day stint testing BMW's 2011 lineup on the track and streets around New Jersey Motorsports Park, and these three videos show off what some of the sportiest of the new models can get up to when there are no speed limits or traffic to worry about.

We'll have a full write-up on each model, plus several more including the 2011 Alpina B7, the 2011 535i with the new N55 engine, and more, next week, but we wanted to share these videos with you as a sneak peek of what's to come. After all, Friday afternoons are made for watching cars on the track.

And yes, the abbreviated lapping was less than optimal, but it was done to make sure everyone stayed safely under control and got a chance in each car. You'll still see us catch a 135i DCT while behind the wheel of the 335is and speeds above 130 mph in the case of the M3, so rest assured, there was plenty of opportunity to get a good feel for the cars.

Be sure to click through to YouTube to see the videos in 720p HD.