Betty White's custom 1977 Cadillac Seville, which she named 'Parakeet'

Betty White's custom 1977 Cadillac Seville, which she named 'Parakeet'

Okay, seriously: who doesn't love Betty White? She's like the greasemonkey nuns in Sound of Music and that badass granny DJ in Paris, wrapped in an afghan and spritzed with Jean Naté. Sure, she looks nice and sweet and innocent, but then she drops an f-bomb and starts to pop and lock. She's like the most badass rappin' fairy godmother ever. (Assuming there's more than one.)

On top of all that, she's an animal lover, which wins huge points in our books. And she's a car lover, which is like Double Jeopardy points. She managed to marry those two loves by naming her rides after birds: "I had yellow Cadillac — that was Canary.... And this [1977 custom Cadillac Seville] was Parakeet. I have a silver one right now which is Seagull." Ain't eccentricity grand?

When Betty finally gave "Parakeet" to charity -- 25 years after her hubby brought it home as a gift -- she acted as though she were taking Old Yeller for a very long walk: "I went out into the backyard and I waited until they went away. I just couldn’t bear to see it go."

We've all been there, Betty. We've all been there.