Delahaye will probably be unfamiliar with most readers but the line of cars bearing that name date all the way back to the 19th century. Delahaye was started by mechanical engineer Emile Delahaye back in 1879 in Tours, France and was recognized for producing, without question, some of the most opulent and sensual cars of its time.

Fast forward to today and a company based in New Jersey, Delahaye USA, is offering enthusiasts a reasonably priced alternative to those original land yachts with spectacular, sensual looking streamliners for the street.

Using modern mechanicals, including drivetrains, chassis components and electronics, Delahaye USA revives the beauty of the past without all the problems experienced previously. The company’s latest creation is a mixture of Delahaye and Bugatti--more specifically, the Bugatti Type 57S--and features a bodyshell made entirely of carbon-fiber.

The body itself was designed eight years ago by top hot rod builder Chip Foose and draws inspiration from the Bugatti Type 57S, as well as the Al Leamy and Gordon Buehrig styled Auburn Boattail Speedsters, hence its name: the Bella Figura Bugnotti Concept.

It will be available as a turnkey product complete with the customer’s choice of drivetrain and in either coupe, convertible or targa bodystyles. Pricing and availability will be revealed closer to the concept’s unveiling at the 2010 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 13.

[Delahaye USA via Serious Wheels]