Hybrids in sports cars are the hot new trend, and in cars like Porsche's 918 Spyder concept, they look to be the real deal when it comes to performance--but is Ferrari's KERS-style hybrid system an actual enhancement, or just a greenwashing gimmick?

The Ferrari HY-KERS hybrid system sits on the back of the seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle, dumping up to 100 horsepower through its electric motor into the drivetrain. Energy from braking is stored in floorpan-mounted batteries to be used to help the car accelerate.

And while Ferrari says it cuts emissions by up to 35 percent in the EU's combined cycle, that's still only about a 3-4 mpg increase, meaning somewhere around 16-17 mpg combined. That's better than the standard car's 11/15 mpg city/highway, but it's still not all that green. What do you think? Is the Ferrari hybrid system a poor attempt at greening up a gas-guzzling GT car, or is it the next word in performance technology (and who cares about fuel economy in a Ferrari anyway)? Let us know below.