The deadly days of men that strapped themselves to gasoline-fueled, four-wheeled missiles and pushed the outer limits of human capability, consequences be damned, are gone. These days, though cars and tracks are both safer, speeds are often higher than those seen in the 1950s and 1960s, and racing drivers are even farther along the knife's edge of motor neuron transmission speeds.

Despite the improved safety, it still takes a certain willingness to accept the possibility of death or serious injury to compete at the top levels of motorsport. So what makes a racing driver tick? This quick interview with Corvette Racing driver and American Le Mans Series competitor Johnny O'Connell gives some insight into the matter.

It's also a fun look at the daily life of a top racing driver, complete with oblique references to autographed body parts. Definitely worth 3 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon.

[ALMS via Corvette Blogger]