We've considered the merits of the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid both on its own and as compared to the classic CRX, its ostensible spiritual predecessor, deciding that though the CR-Z isn't exactly up to the challenge posed by its smaller, lighter ancestor, it isn't entirely outclassed, either. In a new video, Honda discusses those ties, and the advances it thinks the CR-Z makes over the CRX's rather Spartan feature set.

Ties to the CRX are largely hype and history, however, as there's almost nothing to tie the two together aside from some vague silhouette proportions and the Honda badge. The hybrid drivetrain, high-tech interior features, advanced electronics, and not-quite-so-good fuel economy all distance the new car from the old.

Check out the video to see how Honda tries to put the new CR-Z in the CRX mold, and let us know below if you think they've succeeded.

[Honda via YouTube]