Not all the concepts on show at this week’s 2010 Geneva Motor Show were from big name automakers or illustrious design houses. In fact, one of the hottest concepts to grace the stands in Geneva was actually designed and built by a small design firm based in Turin, Italy.

The concept is the Sofia sedan from the I.DE.A Institute. The design firm is based in Moncalieri on the outskirts of Turin and has grown to become a supplier of a whole range of new vehicle development activities, from styling to full scale model building, engineering, running prototype construction and manufacturing engineering.

The Sofia is a four-seater sedan with couple-like styling and is designed around a hybrid powertrain. Influences have been taken from past Italian cars as well as the curvature of the female body but sadly, the concept is purely a design exercise and isn’t headed to production in any form.

According to the I.DE.A Institute’s chairman, Pietro Lardini, the Sofia shows the firm’s unique design philosophy as well as the talents its employees. Lardini also revealed that the I.DE.A Institute is now in preparation to start working closely with major automakers in Europe, Asia and South America.

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