Just as the Phantom has its Coupe and Drophead convertible variants, the new 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost sedan is expected to spawn its own two-door variants. The legacy started with cars like the Camargue and Corniche, both of which were based on the Silver Shadow, which itself is the forebear to the new Ghost.

The car’s lead exterior designer, Andreas Thurner, has previously revealed that there would be a family of models based on the Ghost platform and now a report is claiming that there will be concept versions of the new additions, or as Rolls-Royce likes to call them, “Experimental Cars.”

Both a coupe and convertible based on the Ghost are due to hit the streets in the next couple of years but their development is not guaranteed. Rolls-Royce is in fact building the concepts to help gauge customer demand.

Furthermore, according to Rolls-Royce CEO Ian Robertson, the Ghost name may not even make it on the new cars suggesting that the automaker may be planning to revive names like Camargue for the coupe and Corniche for the convertible.

Other models possibly in the pipeline include a long-wheelbase Ghost as well as a gasoline-electric hybrid version.