There's nothing wrong with a completely stock Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged. It's one of the most luxurious, capabale on- and off-road performance SUVs available. But once again, that just means a platform for craziness for the tuners at Project Kahn.

The RS600 package adds more power and a heaping dose of interior upgrades to the standard Range Rover Sport Supercharged. Starting with a custom exhaust system tuned for a powerful yet refined sound, the RS600 treatment tweaks the engine's output to yield 600 horsepower--a 90-horsepower gain from the original, and a full 45 more horsepower than the X6 M and 50 more than the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. Ridiculous? Yes, but also sure to be a lot of fun.

Inside, full custom quilted leather for the front and rear seats, dash and glove box add a look that seems more Rolls Royce than Range Rover, while the upgraded instruments shine with "electric blue" light for a high-tech look. Stainless steel door entry sills, a custom Kahn leather keyring, and a myriad of other details leave almost nothing untouched.

The exterior gets an aggressive--but not gaudy--new look, too, thanks to a custom 10-piece body kit. Twenty-two inch alloy wheels no doubt compromise off-road capability, but lend an even more modern look to the big SUV.

Check out even more high-res photos and the full press release at the link below.

[Project Kahn via Serious Wheels]