We've seen Hammond, May and Clarkson cross the English Channel on a Toyota HiLux-turned-boat, we've seen James Bond come to life as the Rinspeed sQuba concept, and now, we have the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG-inspired Cigarette Racing Boat, previewed back in December. With 2,700 horsepower on tap, the knife-hulled 46-foot boat is almost five times as powerful as its road-going counterpart.

The power for the Cigarette Racing boat comes from a pair of twin-turbocharged 552 cubic inch (that's over 9 liters each, for you metric folks) 1,350-horsepower Mercury Racing engines. That's enough to deliver a frothy 130-mph estimated top speed.

Built in cooperation between AMG and Cigarette Racing, the boat also features AMG ALUBEAM silver paint that effectively metallizes the exterior of the boat, accentuating its lines with nano-pigments of 30 to 50 nanometers in size. Contrasting with the ALUBEAM coating is AMG Designo Mystic White paint in an homage to the Mercedes-AMG logo.

Marine-grade upholstery styled after the AMG Designo porcelain/white nappa leather interior of the SLS AMG finishes off the treatment.


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