Actor, singer, dancer, and former Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling hasn't been cranking out many movies lately. Apparently, he's been spending a lot of time in the studio with his band Dead Man's Bones. Which is a shame, because while Dead Man's Bones are really awesome cookies, they are less awesome in musical form. And also, we really liked Half Nelson. We would prefer the movies, please.

As it turns out, we're in luck: rumor has it that Ryan is returning to the big screen soon, having been tapped to replace Hugh Jackman as the star of Drive, a film about a man who's a "Hollywood stunt driver by day and getaway driver at night". No word on what Ryan will be driving or when the film is to be released, but if he acquired his motoring skills from fellow Mouseketeers like Britney and Xtina, we may be waiting a while.