If you’re the type who hates buying presents for annoying friends that think they have everything, a new ski set dubbed the “Zai for Bentley Supersport Skis” may be just what you’re looking for.

The special skis are the result of a collaboration between Bentley’s own styling department in Crewe, England and high-end Swiss ski manufacturer zai. They are handmade and only 250 limited edition black skis will be made, with each pair carrying a unique number up to the 250 limit.

Made to last a lifetime, zai for Bentley skis are designed to be durable, reliable and resistant to corrosion thanks to a special patented technology used during the construction process. They are made from an advanced composite material that includes carbon-fibers, natural rubber, carbon fabric and chrome steel.

zai has also worked with the Bentley to create two other exclusive products. zai for Bentley ski poles feature a new technology, ExoGrid, which features a unique combination of titan and carbon fabric to help reduce weight and guarantee high stability, and these are joined by custom ski bags made of leather and neoprene.

The skis are now available to order via zai distributors and are priced at approximately $9,450.