As you may notice from our archives we are just starting up for 2010. As part of being a good guide to college students on automotive news, events and reviews, we would to find out what is happening at college campuses around the world. Think of it as our way of connecting people that may be at the same campus and interested in the same thing—automobiles.

Do you have a college car club? Does your campus have any events that would fall under the automotive umbrella? Sometimes we see manufactures take their cars to college campuses to get impressions; we want to know so we can connect with you the reader and who knows we might be in the area and able to cover the story. Even if you don’t have specific campus functions, you can help us create the best college focused car site on the web.

How? Drop us a note at the link below and let us know what kind of topics, questions or issues you have with your car as a college student. You can also tell us the kinds of cars and stories you are interested in reading. Maybe it is a legal focus covering new legislation for automobiles like the average gas mileage a car must get in the future to meet U.S. standards. Or perhaps it is the cutting edge of technology like self-parking features or electric cars that are being deployed at record rates. We want to know so we can cover the stories that matter to you.

Ready to become apart of the conversation? Drop us a line here. Have a story you are just dying to write about? Check out our Write For Us link. Be sure to check out our stories over the past month and let us know what you think.