The Volkswagen Passat CC was first revealed as far back as January 2008 but it's only now that the car is being offered with an optional fifth seat--and even then, it's only being offered overseas.

Volkswagen's original decision to make the Passat CC a strict four-seater by installing a storage unit in the center of the rear bench struck many as odd but the company insisted that this added an air of exclusivity and sportiness to the model, attempting to position it as more of a coupe than a sedan.

Sadly, limiting the car to four seats didn't make it very practical but that's all set to change as the Passat CC is available with an optional new rear bench that turns it into a five-seater.

Volkswagen is adding this new product feature in response to requests by many customers to give the Passat CC even greater everyday utility. In addition, the folding backrest is now asymmetrically split, so that even larger objects can be fitted in the trunk.

No word on any plans to make the seat available in the U.S. but given the benefits, Volkswagen would be foolish not to.


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