The new Prius has only been out for a few months, but already Toyota is previewing concepts of what looks like another body style for the Prius platform. That could make the new Toyota FT-CH Compact Hybrid Concept the car that brings all those "Prius brand" rumors to life.

In fact, Toyota Motor Sales president Jim Lentz confirmed that the company plans to spin the Prius label off into its own brand.  Foreshadowing a time when a range of Prius-like vehicles will be available in more than the current sedan/hatch body style. In fact, the FT-CH looks a lot like an evolved version of the Hybrid X Concept from several years ago. The FT-CH is a compact, however--22-inches shorter than the current mid-size (as defined by Toyota) Prius.

The FT-CH's decidedly more hatch-like layout could draw a younger crowd, while its more accessible rear cargo area could make the car even more practical as a daily driver. No performance or efficiency figures for the concept, nor drivetrain details, have been released so far.

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