We understand that this isn't Rihanna's personal ride, so please do cut us some slack.

What we don't understand is what's happening in this shot. But naturally, we have a few ideas:

1. Rihanna could simply be changing her outfit. In front of every celeb photographer in the western world.

2. Rihanna could be demonstrating the most decorous way for celebutantes to exit a vehicle surrounded by paparazzi. Britney Spears showed everyone how NOT to do that several years ago. (We won't include the link, but you know how to Google, right?) Rihanna, on the other hand, manages it beautifully. Note how she's facing away from the camera, so she can later claim, "Dude, that totally wasn't my nip-slip". Note how she's chosen a dress with a reinforced neckline so she can focus all her strength on keeping the hemline below her cho-cha. Note those spiked Louboutins, which she's preparing to shove in the face of any feckless cameraman who strays to close to Our Lady of the Umbrellas. Give that woman an A+!

3. Since she's been working the Grace Jones angle lately, maybe Ri-Ri spent her drive-time putting the finishing touches on a new dance routine for her (unannounced) remake of "My Jamaican Guy". Which would explain why she's riding in a van that's just as tall (and top heavy) as she is.

Any other possibilities? Surely there's a Chris Brown and/or "Disturbia" reference we missed...