2009 infiniti essence concept 019

2009 infiniti essence concept 019

On November 8, 1989 Infiniti first opened up for business. Since its inception, Infiniti's goal has been to establish a new concept of automotive luxury and today the brand is sold in 35 countries around the world.

Back in 1989, Infiniti had just two models and 51 retailers. Much has changed since then. Showrooms have expanded to make room for full range of luxury performance vehicles, including coupes, convertibles, sedans and SUVs.

While Infiniti sales officially started in 1989 in the U.S., plans for Infiniti actually took root in 1985 with the creation of the top secret Horizon Task Force--a group formed within Nissan with a view toward creating a new performance luxury brand.

The Horizon Task Force singled out for closer study a handful of leading service companies outside of the automotive field, including Federal Express, Four Seasons Hotels and Nordstrom department stores. Ultimately, the Task Force's findings had a direct influence on everything from the design of the first Infiniti showrooms to the brand identity process all the way down to details such as the design of business cards and parts and accessories packaging.

From a product perspective, Infiniti launched in the U.S. with two models: the Q45 luxury sedan and the driver-oriented M30 coupe.

Looking ahead, the ever-expanding product line will be joined by a second-generation Infiniti M sedan in spring 2010, followed by an all-new Infiniti QX SUV in summer 2010. Farther out, Infiniti recently announced its first-ever hybrid--the 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid and a future electric vehicle.