Say what you will about Scientology. Or Saturday Night Fever. Or Battlefield Earth. Or certain rumors that have dogged John Travolta over the years. Go ahead, say it. We'll wait...

Right, well, despite all that, you can't argue that the man has class. Even in the face of a complicated legal battle involving the death of his teenage son, extortion attempts by two shady foreign officials, and a bizarre mistrial, J-Trav has remained calm and collected. He's a grown man now, and he's happy to act the part. Sure, he could traipse around in Tommy Bahama-wear and matching Crocs, caught in the sad, desperate throes of a fading mid-life crisis, but no: as we see in this photo taken recently in LA, he's happy to dressed simply and tastefully (if unflatteringly) in basic black.

And that Jaguar XJ8L suits him to a tee. No, it's not the snazziest, sleekest kid on the block -- but then, neither is he. At 55, John's still handsome, but, you know, he's no Kellan Lutz. The Jag, like Travolta himself, is respectable and understated. It says, "No, I'm not looking for a trophy wife. At least not now. But, you know, I could always move over to an XK...."