Subaru rally car jumps

Subaru rally car jumps

Motorcycles, rally cars, jumping, racing and just about anything fast, "extreme" or both--you name it, Travis Pastrana's probably done it, twice. Now he can cross another to-do off his list: set a world-record distance jump for a car. His New Year's Eve antics stretched the record by almost a full 100 feet.

Subaru teammate Ken Block's distance record has stood at 171 feet since 2006, and Pastrana's baseline attempt was to hit 250 feet while flying over the waters of Long Beach Harbor. His final distance, before skidding sideways and slamming into the backstop? Two-hundred sixty-nine feet. Yes, 269 feet. In the dark, onto a floating landing ramp, with a blind takeoff.

Pastrana did get to take some practice runs, however. Jumping on dry land instead of the watery escapade he planned for the December 31st event, Pastrana showed that gravity does sometimes win.

Pastrana's history with the water is infamous: he had his first X Games gold medal taken away for a celebration involving jumping his motorcycle into the San Francisco Bay--at age 15.

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