News emerging from Europe this week says new Chrysler corporate cousin Alfa Romeo won't be developing a V-8 engine anytime soon, though a quick read in between the lines may shed some light on the issue. Tapping into the corporate parts bin to bring Fiat Multiair technology to Chrysler engines, including the Pentastar V-6, may be a real possibility, as well.

According to the report, an Alfa source told Autocar that, "No front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive Alfa Romeo will use a engine larger than a V6." That is rather conclusive on the point, but it also infers two things: first, that there are more rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeos in the works; and second, that V-8s might find homes under their hoods.

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, despite its extremely limited production, certainly counts as both rear-wheel drive and V-8-powered. But rumors of an Alfa based on the Chrysler LX platform have been stirring for some time now, opening the door to a more mass-market top-level sedan.

Likewise, the limitation to the V-6 engine for the front- and all-wheel-drive models means that tapping into the Multiair variable intake valve programming system found on the MiTo hatchback's four-cylinder unit could improve efficiency and output to levels that would make a V-8 unnecessary in those applications.

Expect to find out more details about these topics and other Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Chrysler product sharing plans during the upcoming Chrysler five-year business plan announcement on November 4. Point your browser to our homepage on that Wednesday to catch live coverage of all the important info.