German tuner JB Car Design specialize in building one-off, bespoke vehicles designed to meet individual client's every whim no matter how demanding they may be. JB Car Design even brags that it can rearrange a car’s entire cabin if a client so desires, but thankfully this option hasn’t been applied to the firm’s latest custom Lamborghini Murcielago ‘LP-640 JB-R’.

The extent of the modifications extends to almost every inch of the Murcielago. In fact, of the original Lamborghini only the doors remain the same--even the roof panel is changed. There’s a bolder, more aggressive front bumper, eye-catching sills, a more dynamic rear, and a specially designed titanium sports exhaust system.

Such a bespoke exterior appearance has to be matched on the inside, and luckily the tuning firm also has experience in this area. Rich leather and hand-finished aluminum accents abound, and little touches such as the specially engineered aluminum air vents reveal the extent that the firm goes to when creating its cars.

Power upgrades range from about 710 to 750-horsepower, and are joined by a new F1-style steering wheel with a rocker switch for shifting gears. Other modifications include 20-inch Schmidt Revolution aluminium wheels and the aforementioned titanium sports exhaust system.

Pricing for the conversion starts at more than €500,000 (approximately $738,348), plus a Lamborghini Murcielago, of course.