When it comes to car shows, there are leaks and then there are leaks. Today a Japanese-language video of most of the cars and concepts of the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show has leaked online, including the first live footage of the Toyota FT-86 and Honda's CR-Z concept.

This genie isn't likely to get stuffed back in the bottle. Despite advertising itself as a promotional video for the "41th Motorshow," it succeeds thoroughly in spoiling the surprise of the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show live reveals of the cars in question.

Not that we don't enjoy the sneak peek--the FT-86 in particular looks even better in the glare and basic pan shots of the characteristically car-show videography.

The CR-Z Concept footage doesn't reveal much beyond the existing press shots, but live images show the boot-up process of the Nissan LEAF EV and its innovative gauge cluster, plus the gas-cap-like front charging port.

Other concepts revealed include the Mitsubishi PX-MiEV electric crossover concept and Mazda's updated Kiyora Concept.

Catch our previous coverage for the full details on the FT-86 Concept, its Subaru counterpart and their likely production-car end products.

[Via Carscoop]