Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Okay, Zachary Quinto: enough is enough.

You're already a hero on TV. You've already played the awesome Dr. Spock in the latest Star Trek sequel. You've produced indie films and offbeat projects that prove your art credentials. And yet every time we see you in paparazzi shots, you're always walking your dog or hanging out with people we don't know (i.e. regular, non-star people). WE GET IT, ZACHARY: YOU'RE AN AWESOME, DOWN-TO-EARTH KIND OF GUY.

But this? This goes too far. This is worse than Shia LaBeouf drinking coffee from an unmarked cup and riding shotgun in a dinged-up Ford Ranger. You're helping someone change a tire -- on a Toyota Prius.

You're good to fans, you're good to friends, and you're eco-friendly to boot? WE LOVE YOU, OKAY? What do you want from us, Quinto? A medal? Because we're happy to provide one. Just say the word.