Lotus Elise Special Edition Club Racer

Lotus Elise Special Edition Club Racer

Lightweight, focused and yet balanced and comfortable - the Lotus Elise is a modern day classic. Taking inspiration from the classics of the 1960s, the Special Edition Lotus Elise Clube Racer is an even more memorable version of an already fantastic car.

Borrowing from Lotus' own past with color schemes in Elite Yellow, Carbon Grey, Sky Blue and Old English White, the Club Racer also features a unique interior design melding form with function.

Standard Elise seats get microfiber 'comfort pads' to add support without adding much weight, while the anthracite anodized gear knob and handbrake sleeve add a racing touch. A Club Racer (CR) logo is embroidered on the headrest, while the aluminum flooring in the footwells also bears the CR mark.

A small-diameter steering wheel with leather edging and an on-center market helps with quick transitions on-track, and lightweight anthracite anodized six-spoke alloy wheels help deliver the driver's intentions to the road and the road's information to the driver.

Exterior body colors - whichever theme you choose - are carried over to the transmission tunnel and highlighted with silver and black paint, splitting the cockpit down the middle and tying the sporting Club Racer theme together.

Power comes from the same 134-horsepoer drivetrain found in the Lotus Elise S, on which the Club Racer is based. That may seem like miniscule motivation, but given the Elise's sub-2,000-pound weight, it's enough to reach 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds. It's also a combination that's good for 31 mpg (US) in the European combined cycle.

The Club Racer will make its debut in Frankfurt and go on sale the same day, September 15, 2009.